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  • Feel free to browse through gallery of our window products and guides. Contact us for more information.
  • Casement and Awning Windows

    Casement and Awning windows are the best choice for large unobstructed views, directional ventilation and clean interior lines. Detailing on the exterior and interior compliment any architectural style and add elegance and beauty to any home.  More info

    Double and Single Tilt Sliders

    Twins Double and Single "TILT" Sliding windows are perfect for large window areas where maximum ventilation is required without obstructing the view. Large expanses of glass and narrow sight lines give any room an outdoor, open feeling while still meeting today's energy standards in a cost effective manner. Both operating sash tilt inwards for easy and safe cleaning of exterior glass surfaces from inside your home. Screens are easily removed and replaced from the inside making cleaning a breeze. No more ladders and step stools. More info

    Bay and Bow Windows

    Custom made bay and bow windows add a touch of distinction and elegance to any home. Energy efficient as well as beautiful, Twins Bay Bow windows can be made from many Twins window styles. Twins Picture windows produce a clean, elegant and economical Bay. More info

    Garden Windows

    Catch the sun and keep everything else out. A unique way to bring summer inside, even on the coldest winter days. Suncatcher GARDEN WINDOWS give your "green thumb" a chance to work all year round. Plants, flowers and herbs... spring, summer, fall and winter. More info

    Double & Single Lift-Out Windows

    Our Lift Out Sliding windows are popular for complementing any architectural style, with a clean and polished look. The sashes are designed to lift out for easy cleaning inside the home: both sashes for the Double Lift Out and the interior sash for the Single Lift Out. Twins Lift Out Sliding windows offer beautiful and expansive views, and with a common exterior design, create an attractive unified look when paired with the matching slider or fixed windows. More info

    Double and Single Hung

    • Traditional classic styling for traditional homes. Twin's Single and Double Hung windows have clean blended outside lines, and an uncluttered inside appearance of the sash and frame compliment any decor. They also maintain architectural integrity when replacing older Single Hung windows. The lower sash tilts inwards for easy cleaning, from inside your home. No more ladders and step stools. More info

    • Vinyl Basement Windows

      Our vinyl basement windows are perfect compliments to our family of quality basement and egress products and include features that are ideal for garage, shed, barn or utility building packages. More info


    Regardless of where you live, choosing your windows is one of the most important decisions you'll make as you build or remodel your home. And choosing the right gloss for your windows should be the most important factor in that decision. Why? Because the right glass can provide years of comfort and beauty while saving you hundreds of collars on low energy bills. More info

    Fixed Windows

    Picture windows are the perfect choice to replace old picture windows or to bring new light into any room. Picture windows can be combined with all windows to create your own special architectural effect.  More info